Sad news in the (ever-shrinking) world of feminist bookstores

Amazon Bookstore in Minneapolis has announced that they'll be closing their doors at the end of June. Founded in 1970 on the front porch of a women's housing cooperative, Amazon is one of the oldest feminist bookstores in this country. It's a different verse of the same sad song of the difficulty in sustaining projects committed to independent/social justice work, thought,
and culture.

According to the announcement:

Unfortunately, with the changing economy of bookselling, we, like many independents, have struggled to keep up with the proliferation of chains and online mega-retailers (you know the ones). We have had many wonderful years and know we have made a difference, but we cannot go on at this point, and our attempt to sell the store has not come to fruition.

Just to be clear, Amazon Books has absolutely no relationship to the corporate behemoth, and in fact Amazon Books sued for trademark infringement almost a decade ago, when their book sales began to plummet because people started flocking to 

Please, please please!  If you're lucky enough to have access to an independent, local bookseller, support them!  There aren't very many left these days.  

And say no to 

So long, Amazon Books. I will mourn your loss, and am grateful for everything you've done for the Twin Cities and beyond. 


by Debbie Rasmussen
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