Sandra Naujoks: A Model Millionaire Poker Player

Welcome to Poker Babes. Sexiest Women of Poker. Why is Google more interested in the way these ladies look than how they're making mad cash off a keen intellect and sly ability to out bluff their opponents? Last month 27-year-old Berlin-native Sandra Naujoks took home $1.3 million after winning the European Poker Tour (EPT) in Dortmund, Germany. Nicknamed "Black Mamba", she beat out 666 other players—the majority of whom were men—not only making Naujoks the second-ever female champion on the EPT, but also moving her ranking to 14th in total monies earned on the tour. Did I mention that this is only her first EPT season?

Okay, so the baseball cap full of punk rock patches and a teal PokerStars jacket did make Noujoks look pretty hot in Dortmund—the woman is a model, after all—but the attraction for me is more about the way she mopped the floor with her competitors and commanded the table until the very end of the tournament. Elected as Europe's Leading Lady at the European Poker Awards, Naujoks says she never considers herself to be a woman playing a 'man's game'. She will make her next appearance on April 28th in the Monte Carlo Grand Final, the EPT's end-of-the-season finale, which will be held in Monaco. Positioned to be the first female to win the EPT, Monte Carlo is sure to be exciting for this rising star of poker.

by Mandy Van Deven
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