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Welcome to the Sapphic Salon, Bitch's new blog about queer women's representation in pop culture. This includes the good and the bad, truths and myths, and about and of interest to women who love women.

Basically, we're right at home with Bitch.

Right now, lesbian visibility feels like it's at an all-time high, with Beth Ditto being embraced as an out and proud diva (and fashionista), primetime shows like Grey's Anatomy and Flashforward featuring regular gay female characters, and Ellen Degeneres, Wanda Sykes and Rachel Maddow all appearing regular on their own talk shows. What has the world come to? It's so Sapphically awesome - in theory.

Where there's acceptance and Oprah interviews, there's still homophobia and an overall lack of understanding. We're still a minority, even among women, and it's more important now, than ever, to make sure we're all heard. I'm hoping to be a catalyst for a conversation on queer women, their ideas, their thoughts and their general being. So won't you help me out, Gay Bitches?



by Natalie Stein
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Love, love, love! Looking forward to your Sapphic Salon series.

I'm always available for opinion, btw on topics relative to my world of bisexuality.


Looking forward to this. Hope there will be room for the bisexual ladies!

i'll be the third bisexual

i'll be the third bisexual lady to say yea and "yay!" to this idea. looking forward to reading as a queer new media type.

side note - I wish that different bitch blog series could be followed on rss feeds. I'll keep following the links from facebook, but rss compatibility would make sure i saw each and every sapphic salon post! </nerdyrequest>


Hi Laura-

You can subscribe by RSS to all of the Bitch blogs at <a href="">this location.</a>

We are currently in the process of re-organizing our blogs by subject matter instead of blog name but you will see "Sapphic Salon" in the title of every Sapphic Salon post so you won't miss a thing! Hope that helps.


Thanks Kjerstin, done and done!

Count me in!

As an instigator, I never met a catalyst I didn't like. I love our new visibility, and can hardly wait til we gentrify the living crap out of the cultural landscape.


Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say the *world* is Sapphically awesome, theoretically or no, but perhaps that can be claimed about American pop culture.

Either way, I'm all about us queergirls gettin' some play, a la Bitch.


Looking forward to this is in a big way. When I read Curve magazine, I often find myself wishing for a Curve/Bitch hybrid: all the same queer media with a critical feminist perspective. Now I've got it! While I've always been satisfied with Bitch's treatment of queer-related issues, a specific forum definitely has something to add, and though I'd agree that representation is better than in previous decades, the media has so far to go. Think about it: why are there only a few shows in which the main character is a lesbian, which we can all name off the tops of our heads?

Looking forward to all your

Looking forward to all your posts! Especially those about Beth Ditto because she is beyond fabulous. I like her music, I like her fashion and I really hope there gonna be a Lady Gaga/Beth Ditto collaboration soon.
I look up to her, and I am a skinny, straight non singing female... this gal inspires me to no end!
Think I'm gonna subscribe to the Sapphic Salon.

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