Screw Winter... True Blood's Coming!

What do you have planned for Sunday night, or what I'm calling "Total Eclipse of the TV"? It's the only night all year when Mad Men and True Blood both air and I don't know whether to pour myself an old fashioned and weep bitter tears or fix myself a bloody mary and shriek with delight (compromise: both).

season five cast photo of True Blood
They wanna do bad things with you.

For those of you who've reading our weekly Mad Men coverage here at Bitch, fear not: we'll recap Sunday's season finale (sniff), but we'll be covering True Blood too! Because a soap-y, action-packed show like TB doesn't really merit a 1,500-word analysis each week, we'll be live-tweeting each episode at @BitchMediaLive and posting a quick rehash each Monday. Follow along!

And while we're on the subject, have you seen the trailer for season five of True Blood? It looks predictably TOTALLY BANANAS. Christopher Meloni, you guys!

Are you looking forward to Sunday night's premiere? Do you have any predictions? (Mine: Tara isn't dead, Steve Newlin will make a hilarious vampire, and everyone is going to take their shirts off.)

by Kelsey Wallace
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I am SO excited. True Blood is like Doritos for my brain. So bad, but oh-so-good. I'll be doing weekly episode discussions on my blog w/Andie from blue milk this season - can't wait!

True Blood

LOVE me some True Blood! Newlin is going to be awesome and SUPER hot for Jason!

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