Send a Mama in Your Life a Strong Families E-Card!

Mother's Day is coming up in the United States this Sunday, and Strong Families, an initiative of Oakland-based Forward Together, has made some beautiful ready-to-be-sent e-cards to share with the mamas in your life! 

These e-cards feature original illustrations by artists Micah Bazant,  Melanie Cervantes, Veronica Bayetti Flores of National Latina Institute for Reproductive HealthTaja LindleyNikki McClure, Kirbie Platero and Al Na'ir Lara of Young Women United, and Jenifer Carter. Shanelle Matthews of Forward Together told Colorlines that this campaign aims to "shift the narrative of how people think about family. We wanted to create a line of greeting cards that spoke to the marginalized moms in our communities whose faces we never see on the front of those cards." 

Strong Families' vision is to make sure every family—no matter what it looks like—has the rights, recognition and resources it needs to thrive. Learn more about them here, and check out their resources page for info about family, community, and reproductive justice.

Here's what artist Joy Lui had to say about the project: 

It was such a blessing to be a part of this amazing and positive project. I love the way these empowering cards genuinely honor the many rich forms and facets of motherhood. Designing the card specifically for a mother who has experienced loss was especially poignant for me as a survivor, and as an artist addressing personal and inherited grief.  It is a humble and sincere gesture for those in our community who have had to suffer a loss I can't even begin to imagine—my heart goes out to them.

The opportunity to celebrate immigrant mamas was also important for me—they are so rarely thanked and acknowledged for gracefully (or cantankerously) navigating the terrain of a new country, in addition to all the challenges of parenting!

Here's just a sampling, click here to see all and send one

Nine sample e-cards by Strong Families. Each card is uniquely illustrated and has a picture of mothers with their children, including a mom with her baby on her back at an activist rally, a single mom and her child with the text Nothing Can Stop Our Love, and a mother hen with her chicks.

Major h/t to Radical Doula @MiriamZPerez for sharing this project! Happy Mama's Day! 

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