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While I love art of all kinds, and especially feminist art of all kinds, I can't actually claim to know all that much about the art world. Sure, I like museums and stuff (and the very fact I am using the phrase "museums and stuff" is probably an indicator of my dearth of knowledge on this topic) but when it came time for me to write this art-related blog post I felt a little out of my league. If you are like me and find yourself a bit of a novice when it comes to feminist art, fear not. The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art has a website that is here to help.

The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center in the Brooklyn Museum has been kicking ass for feminist art since it opened in March of 2007. Committed to providing a space for feminist art, the center is the permanent home of Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party and also hosts many temporary feminist art exhibitions. This is great news of course, but as a resident of the west coast I am unable to visit the museum on a regular basis (and I'd bet some of you are in the same boat). That is where the Sackler center's user-friendly and super fun website comes in so handy.

Not only does the center's site contain information about past, present, and future feminist art exhibitions, it also has a great feminist art timeline, a comprehensive feminist art database, and an informative blog that includes links to feminist art exhibitions around the world. There is even some feminist art-based new media in there, including video and podcasts.

Thanks to the Sackler center's website, we novices now have access to all the feminist art history and information we can handle. So click on over there and learn about feminist art! I know I will.

by Kelsey Wallace
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