The Genius Behind American Pie Might Be Directing the Twilight Sequel

Finke awesomely reminds us that Chris Weitz is no stranger to irrational directorial behavior:

"But let's also not forget Weitz's behavior on Golden Compass.
On December 15, 2004, Weitz announced his resignation as director of
the trilogy, citing the enormous technical challenges of the epic and
later admitting he was worried about dissing by the book's fans. After
another helmer came on and then walked off, Weitz returned to direct
saying he'd done "a lot of growing in the interim". Despite all
that, Summit seems willing to put its first valuable franchise in his
hands. Not so with Twilight
director Catherine Hardwicke who's off the sequel for a whole host of
reasons I reported that fall under the "difficult" category. Sexism,

Um, yes. 

Also, the thought of the American Pie guy helming the rest of the Twilight franchise kind of makes my head hurt...

 Source: Twilight Sequel Offer From Summit Out to Director Chris Weitz? [Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily]


by Tammy Oler
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I predict a movie poster featuring a big cherry pie against a black backdrop, with two big holes in it where Pattinson's fangs have been.

Hollywood a meritocracy? Um, no...

I cannot admit shock that Hollywood is an Old Boys Club nor surprise that its an arrogant, infantile one but Chris Weitz, really? As a fan of the His Dark Materials books I was gutted at the mess Weitz wrecked bringing the Golden Compass to the big screen. Surely he should not be trusted again with anyone's literary work (I am not familiar with the Twilight series). Could I be too optimistic in hoping this potential choice could empower young Twilight fans to put pen to paper and learn how to voice their dissent to the establishment?


The young fans are indeed rebelling. The narrative on the fansites seems to be that they were all willing to see "Twilight" multiple times to ensure a bigger budget on the sequels. Now that Summit has fired Hardwicke, and is rumoured to be cheaping out on budget, and rushing into production, the fans seem to be up in arms. I've seen Summit's contact info posted in a few places.

What about About A Boy?

Chris Weitz may have first hit the spotlight with American Pie, but he (and his brother/collaborator Paul) followed that series with <a href=>About A Boy</a>, which was a <em>great</em> literary adaptation. Sure, it strayed significantly from the book's plot, but the film kept up the spirit of the book while also being really enjoyable and standing as a movie in its own right. I'd trust him with Twilight--I think he does better with contemporary settings as opposed to the utterly fantastic universe of His Dark Materials.

I would hate to see Twilight

I would hate to see Twilight turn into another Hollywood sexist "babe" movie.
Bella, the lead character in the movie Twilight is smart, independant and shows enormous depth as she searches to find out who the mysterious Edward Cullen really is.
She doesn't fuss with make-up. She doesn't join her friends in finding the ultimate prom dress.
Her character sends a wonderful, refreshing message to young women, one that is long overdue.

The good news is that Kristen Stewart ( Bella) has aggreed to be in the sequel. I don't think she would allow herself to be "babed" out and dumbed down. She is an extremely talented actress who's been in several independant films.

I hope the Hollywood male machine doesn't spoil this series for young women, it is all too rare for young women to get postive messages about being who they are and not as merely objects vying for approval from men.

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