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Kira Nerusskaya, director of the documentary Fat Girls Float, needs your help to finish its production! Nerusskaya, a New York City native, travelled through several countries and interviewed dozens of people about size discrimination, fat acceptance, activism, and their identity. Check out the six-minute trailer below:

From an interview with Kira from Large & Lovely:

"I have invested a number of years, countless hours, and over twelve thousand dollars out of my very own pocket thus far. This part of fundraising will allow me to get to the next step of post-production. I will be able to have some animation created and it will allow me to find an editor that will help finely shape what I have shot to date. Even though I plan on two more location shoots, those are being paid out of my pocket. From there, I hope to finish in about a year from now. I am hoping in under a year! Hopefully people will feel compelled to donate [see link below], knowing how we are treated on the street and in society. I feel the more we help each other the more we help ourselves."

An outpouring amount of support has already come in--as of today (seriously, it was in the four-thousands yesterday!), Kira's surpassed her goal of reaching $5,000 in contributions by December 13th. But as you can see, the love hasn't stopped pouring in, and we all know how independent productions aren't exactly rolling in dough. So get in the pool! And remember that no contribution is too small.

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Fat Girls Float

Thanks for the heads up - great project, one worthy of support!

greaT PROJECT! good luck

greaT PROJECT! good luck kira

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