The Shondes Talk Heartache, Activism, And What It Means To Be A Disgrace

The Shondes Not many bands mix post-punk with feminism, with Jewish heritage. At least, no one does it like the Brooklyn-based four piece the Shondes.

Alyx Vesey, who's a Bitch contributor and runs the blog Feminist Music Geek spoke with the Shondes—Louisa, Temim, Eli, and Fureigh—at this year's South By Southwest Festival. Feminism and activism is an important part of how the Shondes make their music, and in the following interview you can hear how it impacts not just their writing but their work in the studio and on tour. The band also talks about reclaiming the word shonde, Yiddish for "disgrace," what it's like to deal with heartache as an activist, and their affinity for Bruce Springsteen.

You can stream the podcast right here, or you can subscribe to Bitch Media on iTunes or RSS, or download it from For a transcript of the full interview, click here (.doc). Read more from Alyx Vesey at Feminist Music Geek, and don't forget to see The Shondes when they come to your town!

UPDATE: The audio has been updated so that the interview is audible. It is still static, but now you can hear it. I'm so sorry for the mistake! The transcript has also been updated. -Kjerstin

by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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The Shondes

I have never heard of the Shondes until your Article just now. I looked the up on Youtube and gave it a listen, and I LOVE THEM! Thanks so much for introducing me to them! I'm going to buy their cds now! Thanks so much!

Can't hear

I tried playing the audio embedded above and while I can hear the set-up to the interview with Kjerstin - I can't hear the actual interview with Alyx and The Shondes . . .


Thanks KL! I am in the process of trying to improve the audio. I plan on getting a new version up shortly!

I'm having the same problem -

I'm having the same problem - it's really really quiet, unintelligible :(

Sounds like it would be interesting though!

Don't forget:

There's a transcript of the interview above as well!

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