That's so MANteresting!

When I was in elementary school, we played a game in P.E. where we basically just threw foam balls at targets. My mean gym teacher Ms. Heinz would make the girls stand closer to the targets than the boys, because presumably 8-year-old males have rocket arms or something while 8-year-old females need special accommodations just to get a nerf ball off the ground (not the case). I remember thinking, "Why do we girls need our own version of this dumb game when we could just play the one the boys are playing?" My thinking is similar, if gender-role-reversed, when it comes to MANteresting. Who needs a men-only, crappier version of Pinterest?

screen shot from the manteresting home page

According to its FAQs, Manteresting is "not the first social bookmarking website to hit the Internet, we are the first to specifically cater to the male population. Last time we checked there were 3.4 billion men on earth. It's about time." IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU GUYS. When will men finally be able to share photos of cars they want to drive without shame? Well, now apparently. Clicking around the site, it looks like the manterested men who use Manteresting share photos of weapons, cars, women, and bacon, with the occasional home improvement project in the mix. Bacon and home improvement projects are also popular on Pinterest, the site Manteresting never directly references but is very clearly modeled after. So why not pin dudely stuff there instead of launching just-for-men site?

cheesecake photo from Pinterestphoto of a girl's butt from Manteresting
Cheesecake two ways: Pinterest on the left, Manteresting on the right.

Money is the obvious answer, though it doesn't appear Manteresting is making any. When it comes to these men-only social networks though—and there are plenty more—something more sinister is at work. Men can and do use Pinterest, but the sharing site is widely regarded as being girly because most of its registered users are women (notice that Pinterest is not "just for women" nor has it ever done anything to exclude men). As Tammy Oler wrote in the most recent issue of Bitch:

That so many manly alternatives exist suggests that men may find the format of Pinterest appealing, but want to distance themselves so completely from Pinterest that they'll join an entirely different site, one that reinforces their masculinity rather than threatens it. In fact, these sites are so over-the-top butch that it makes one wonder if they're basically giving men the ability to pin their content with a big "no homo" tag on it.

Manteresting pushes machismo above all else—users "nail" items instead of pin them and create "workbenches" instead of the too-feminine pinboards—because some guys want to share photos of furniture, recipes, and DIY gardening projects (along with the aforementioned weapons, cars, women, and bacon) without feeling like less of a man. That Manteresting has but a fraction of the users Pinterest has tells us that most men either don't care or aren't threatened by "pinning" something, but it's still unfortunate that these manterested parties don't feel comfortable just using Pinterest like everyone else in the world who likes bacon.

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There's other male

There's other male alternatives that are not as crude as Manteresting, i read the CNN article and personally tend to use Dudepins alongside Pinterest. They had an article a few months back clearly stating that they don't allow any pictures of women/nude content, something that seems to be the pain point of this article.

Take a look at their site

Are we reading the same article?

I can't speak for anyone else, but it seems to me there's less of a worry over NEKKID GURLZ and more of one that guys seem to feel a need for a "secure" forum where they can talk about guns & bacon away from those icky girls.

Of course, the whole "social media" thing appeals to me the same way cloud technology undoubtedly appeals to a bonobo monkey, so there's that to consider.


There is nothing like making a mountain out of a mole hill and that appears to be what you are doing here. MANteresting is not really my cup of tea but to try to tarnish everyone of the users as anti women seems a bit much. I am sure some women use the site and it is not "men-only" its just another social media site that happens to playing on the concept of "Manly" things, I am sure some women eat bacon too. We could all point our fingers at anything and claim it is a problem or we can just get on with things and not take everything as a dig against ourselves. MANteresting is probably a bit childish and immature but it plays up on this, what is your excuse?

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