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The latest Bitch podcast is up, and corresponds to our Art/See issue. You'll hear from Ann Fox and Jessica Cooley, who have curated two art shows addressing disability, an interview with a young artist who sculpts sound, an interview with gay marriage advocate and author Audrey Bilger, an excerpt from our art and activist round-up, and then some! Plus, music by artist Emily Lacy. You can stream the audio below, or subscribe to all of Bitch Radio via iTunes. Extended interviews available at

Transcript available for download

Art/See Podcast Script

- Introduction to podcast

- :44 Junie Latte interview. An interview with Junie Latte, a student at Concordia University whose art project "Women's Voices/Voix de Femmes" is a sound sculpture made from the collection of women's voices from around the world. Check out the full interview here, and visit the project's website for more information on the project or how you can submit your voice too.

- 6:17 Subscription promo

-7:34 Vox Populi . We ask Bitch readers if they could own any piece of art what it would be.

-11:20 Bitch intern Sara Reihani reads an excerpt of Anne Elizabeth Moore's piece "Minimal Impact" from the Art/See issue on an activist's visit to Marfa Texas, home to the Chinati Foundation by minimalist artist Donald Judd.

-17:00 BitchMart promo

-17:50 Ann Fox and Jessica Cooley Interview. Re/Formations was the first art show exploring intersection of female and disabled identity through sculpture. Now Ann Fox and Jessica Cooley have finished their second disability studies art show STARING, which is based off a new book by Rosemarie Garland-Thomson. For the full interview (recommended!) and more info, click here.

-26:00 Frequent Bitch contributor and professor at Claremont College Audrey Bilger speaks with Seattle show The Menage about her recent Bitch article "Wife Support," on how gay marriage is changing the term "wife." Full interview available here, where they discuss more on gender roles, Audrey's latest book, and the genius of Roseanne Barr.

-Outro by Kjerstin

This podcast features music by Emily Lacy, a folk and electronic musician and artist who works in LA. This podcast featured the songs "3,2,1," "Toddlerswobble Through Space," "Flyin with the Angels," and "Sugar in the Gourd." For more of her work, visit her website.

Thank you once again to Julie Sabatier, host and creator of Destionation DIY, for producing our podcasts!

by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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No, no, no!!

Okay, I was sooooo psyched to download the new podcast and then ARGH! IT SUCKED! What happened to the sitting around in the bathroom discussing pop culture and other events? PLEASE do more old school podcasts! You can start charging iTunes prices and I will pay!! Seriously!! I am begging!!


Ignore previous comment. I was ignorant of the fact that popaganda is a separate deal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE popaganda. LOVE IT.

Thanks so much!

More Popaganda to come this week! Any topic suggestions?

Thanks so much for listening!

i kno rite

tell me how you really feel about the issue podcast?

the director of the sucky podcast

no again...

i'm so sorry, kjerstin. i should have been clearer when i said i was the ignoramus who didn't know the difference between an ISSUE-based podcast and a POPOGANDA cast...sadly, i am of the "more entertained by listening to everyone talk about recent stuff and maybe mock twilight" than the "i appreciate art" ilk. it doesn't reflect on your podcast, which i am sure was reflects on my own verbal diarrhea. hmmm, am i allowed to say that? again, my apologies.

also, am i the only person who ever panics just a little bit at the simple math question required to comment? like someday i will forget how to add or something?

: )

It's okay, I know you are a Bitch fan and wasn't totally offended. We all really appreciate that you listen to Popaganda, and that's why we have multiple audio segments anyway! And also you're not an ignoramus.

And you can always sign-up for a username (your email isn't shared with anyone) so that you can login to Bitch and not have to answer those math questions.

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