The Athena Film Festival: Workshop, Watch, & Win!

The second annual Athena Film Festival kicks off on February 9 on the Barnard College campus. Founded to honor extraordinary women for their leadership and creative accomplishments, the festival will screen films made by and about women all weekend, as well as hold free (free!) workshops for filmmakers. How fun! If we lived in New York we'd definitely attend, and if you live there you should!

athena film festival logo banner in blue. a white woman is holding a camera in the background

In addition to the workshops (did we mention they're free?), the Athena Film Festival is hosting some pretty awesome-sounding panels throughout the weekend. Get a sneak peek at Half the Sky and Ann Richards' Texas and catch up on feminist fare you may have missed like Gloria: In Her Own Words and Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour. For a full schedule of the events of the festival, visit the official website.

To sweeten this already sweet film festival deal, we've got two pairs of free tickets to Wish Me Away, the story of lesbian country singer Chely Wright. The first two people to comment saying they'd like tickets are the winners, so get to it!

Further reading: Athena Film Festival Lineup and 2012 Award Winners

by Kelsey Wallace
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I would love the tix... but

I would love the tix... but alas... I am not able to make to NYC that weekend..... Enjoy the festival ladies!

Ooh, me, I'd like one!

Ooh, me, I'd like one!


i'm a feminist living in NYC and I'd LOVE to go to this :)

Me, please! I would love a

Me, please! I would love a ticket!

If you won the tickets...

Email me (kelsey at with your first and last name and I'll pass your info on to the box office! You can pick your tickets up there.


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