The Bitch High Five: What Remake/Re-Release Should Be Next?

Every month in our newsletter (sign up on the homepage!), we survey our staffers and readers on their top five in a given category, complete with options, results and further comment space here on the Bitch blog. Lend a vote and give us five, or share your own idea below!

  • Just the Ten of Us. Where are they now?
  • Footloose. Sure, there's a remake coming up, but a re-release would ensure that nothing is lost.
  • Boy Meets World. Let's be honest here: Are there cooler names than "Topanga"?
  • Rainbow Brite. Let's stick to the original character designs, though...
  • Troop Beverly Hills. Mortal danger and cookies remain a winning combination!
  • None of the above. I'll leave my answer in the comments section!
by Deb Jannerson
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4 Comments Have Been Posted

Pee Wee

Whether it be a sequel to help me obliterate "Big Top Pee Wee", a remake of the Big Adventure, a resurrection of the TV show, or even a remake of the Big Adventure, I'll be first in line.

Or a remake of Beetlejuice could be fun.

Sick of remakes and "crappy" fare

I'd do and pay anything for more creative, intellectually stimulating, misogynist-free, and yes, downright entertaining material any day ...

Magic Schoolbus!

I LOVED the Magic Schoolbus as a kid - it was highly educational and was the first step towards my future career in Nerdom. Also, it featured a highly intelligent female teacher (the awesome badass Ms. Frizzle), intelligent children of both genders and different ethnicities, and no ridiculous gender stereotypes. I'm not entirely sure how a live-action remake could be pulled off, but man would that be awesome.

Ohh! Ohh! Pick Them!

How about "Digimon Adventure" but with an unabashedly campy feel to it and twice the feminism

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