The Bitch Stays in the Picture: Photo Contest!


Psst! Hey you! In the Bitch gear! Yeah, you. What if we told you that you could go down in history as a feminist-merchandise wearing legend? You'd be into that, right?

Good. In the interest of spreading the gospel of Bitch as far and wide as possible, we're holding a monthly Bitch Mart photo contest and YOU, with your snappy Bitch gear (you have some of that, don't you?), could be a winner!

To enter our "The Bitch Stays in the Picture" photo contest, just send us a snapshot (digital is preferred) of you (or your friend, or your dog, or whomever) wearing your Bitch merchandise (apron, shirt, hat, whatever). The more eye-catching the setting, the more likely you'll be to win eternal fame, glory, and a sparkly new Bitch tote bag.

Will you be climbing a mountain any time soon? Wear your Bitch gear and snap a picture at the summit! Going whale watching? Get a photo of you stylin' in your Bitch wear with your new whale friends! Got a jungle safari planned? You know what to do. Even if you're not the traveling type, we're sure there's a great Bitch merchandise photo op hiding somewhere in your hometown, or maybe even in your backyard.

Don't have a Bitch Mart item yet? No problem! You can remedy that right now by visiting our handy online store and purchasing the fabulous merch item of your choice. Don't be shy about getting more than one thing – Bitch Mart gear makes a great gift!

Send any and all submissions to Bitch Media via email or snail mail (4930 NE 29th Avenue Portland OR 97211). We'll post all submissions on our contest web page, and we'll choose one winner to feature on our front page each month, and to receive a bitchin' Bitch tote bag. So get to it, shutterbugs! We can't wait to see you in your Bitchin' BitchMart gear!

by Kelsey Wallace
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