The Feminist Stays In The Picture

Although, like always, there is a lot of hard-hitting feminist news coming down the wire today (this New York Times article on women's studies programs comes to mind), sometimes it's nice to just kick back and watch some video clips. After all, it's Wednesday, and we could all use a media-fueled brain break every once in awhile.

In the interest of said brain break, here is a collection of feminist-themed internet videos. So put on your headphones, tilt your computer monitor away from your boss's line of vision, and prepare to be enlightened, entertained, enthralled, and maybe even enraged. (And if you can think of another adjective that begins with "en" you might be that as well.)

Feminism Survey: Men on the Street

Don't you love the guy at the end of this video who is using feminism to try and get a date? I hope it worked out for him. Incidentally, this clip was used as a trailer for Therese Schechter's documentary "I Was A Teenage Feminist", which is excellent. On to the next video!

Ali G and Naomi Wolf Talk Feminism

I know Ali G is a fictional character, and that Sasha Baran Cohen is probably a feminist at heart, but I still love how frustrated Naomi Wolf gets with him in this video. Luckily she is able to make some good feminist points, even though he doesn't quite take them seriously. Maybe he'd prefer the brand of feminism promoted in our next clip...

Whirlpool's Take On Feminism

Wow. Who knew that all of our lady problems could be solved with a washing machine? I don't know about you, but the spin cycle definitely spells emancipation for this feminist. As for our next feminist, I don't think she cares about laundry too much...

Ms. Pacman: Feminist Hero

I found this clip to be pretty hilarious. Way to go, Ms. Pacman! Alas, Ms. Pacman is sadly fictional, but there are tons of non-digital feminist heroes out there as well. Our next video clip features an up and coming feminist icon -- check it out!

Ruby the Feminist: Smart Girls At The Party

It makes sense to end our video adventure on a heartwarming note, and nothing warms a heart like a sassy young feminist. Keep up the good work, Ruby! Hopefully our next foray into feminist video clips includes some work by youngsters like you.

Are there any other feminist video clips you like? Share them with us in the comments section! (Then turn your monitors around and get back to work! It is Wednesday, after all.)

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