The Five Weirdest Parts of the New "A Little Bit of Heaven" Trailer

I'm a Peter Dinklage fan, so this morning's Vulture headline "Let's Discuss Peter Dinklage in the Trailer for Kate Hudson's Cancer Romcom" caught my attention right away. "Why is Peter Dinklage starring in something labeled a 'Cancer Romcom'?" I thought. "That seems weird."

Turns out, my man Dinklage is far from the weirdest part of this trailer, which was recut and re-released today. From a tone that makes no sense to top billing for an actor who doesn't even appear until the final five seconds, I'm having a hard time making sense of this project. Let's take a look, shall we?

  1. OK, maybe Dinklage isn't the weirdest part of this trailer, but his character still seems like a red flag. He's a prostitute, right? Are we supposed to laugh at him and the idea that—on her death bed—Kate Hudson might pretend to have sex with him? And why is his nickname THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE?
  2. The lightheartedness of the music and editing in the first half of the trailer is completely at odds with the voiceover. That guy sounds like he's straight out of Human Centipede 3. Doesn't quite work with Kate Hudson throwing her head back and laughing while biking through the colorful streets of New Orleans.
  3. Yes, Kate Hudson is playing the same character she plays in every movie (cute, bubbly, all over the place yet still somehow a very successful ad exec) but could she really be so carefree that she wouldn't remember sleeping with her doctor? Even if he was GAEL GARCIA BERNAL?
  4. A bulldog in New Orleans? With that humidity? Doubtful.
  5. Whoopi Goldberg is in this movie?! Why isn't she in the trailer? And guess who IMDB tells me she's playing? GOD. So I guess the title of the movie is literally referring to Heaven and not just alluding to Peter Dinklage's penis.

Help me out here folks. Did this trailer make any sense to you? Anyone?

by Kelsey Wallace
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Confused by Your Commentary

Whoopi is in the trailer three times. Peter D. is obviously meant to be an angel here...or suggest one. I get the continuity of the story. The voice-over does not start until she is at the doctor's office.

Thanks for bringing this movie to my attention though. :)

how is he meant to be an

how is he meant to be an angel? And I only saw Whoopi when they mentioned her name.

In response to the original post, when does she not remember having sex with her doctor? When she said that in the office I'm pretty sure she was just flirting, she hadn't met him yet.


Okay, I agree with you 100% about the weirdness, but Whoopi help me, I still want to see it.

I'm uncomfortable with the

I'm uncomfortable with the whole doctor falls in love with patient storyline.

The Way I See It...

Peter is not meant to be an angel, just a male prostitute who ends up having fun and "pretending" to have sex with her in order to entertain the friend who I'm assuming paid for him as a prostitute for her. I do fear that they put him in that role just to get laughs, as a little person in what traditionally would be seen as a sexually-driven role. I saw Whoopi twice in the trailer and I don't know if it's supposed to be at the end of Kate's life, when she meets God or what. Honestly I don't want to know. Trailers give away the entire story these days, which pisses me off. I think there should be just enough to gain your interest and tease you. In this instance, I think my love for Peter will be enough to get me to watch this movie.
p.s. - I do think the doctor/patient tragedy love story thing is waaaay overdone and insults any intelligence viewers might have. Another example of Hollywood's inability to think outside of the box.

I agree with everything here

I agree with everything here and then you say you would still watch this movie! What! You want to have your intelligence insulted? Seriously! Don't let Hollywood continue to sell you their bullshit when YOU KNOW IT IS BULLSHIT. Demand better by supporting independent movies or documentaries. SUBSTANCE! Come on, you're writing a comment on a post on Bitch! There is are so much better ways so spend your leisure time than wasting it on brainless nonsense like this movie.

The preview sort of gives

The preview sort of gives away the whole movie! She obviously dies - right?! Unless it's some kind of second-chance story. Also, the idea of COMEDIES about CANCER still makes me uneasy!! I didn't see 50/50, either, and I doubt I will see this. (Though I do kind of like Kate Hudson, even though she really does always play the same basic character.)

This looks a lot like "Eat,

This looks a lot like "Eat, Pray, Love" in that the white female protaganist goes around becoming enlightened through expensive and romantic experiences. I did have to laugh about Hudson bike riding through the streets looking like some kind of sexually liberated angel . For all the star power in this film, I'm sure Dinklage and Whoopi spend five minutes or less in the film. From the trailer, you wouldn't be able to tell that Hudson has cancer (not that cancer victims are all sickly, bald, and whatever cancer stereotype you want to label here). The problem with this trailer is that it shows all of the good moments in the movie, not the parts where Hudson is struggling with cancer and how those moments of brevity mean so much more because of it. I wonder how it will compare to 50/50? I probably won't see this movie, no matter how much I love Bates, Whoopi, and Dinklage.

What the what?

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