Young Adult Trailer Released, Features "The Girl You Hated in High School"

You know how the past decade or so has brought us countless films with a male protagonist who is juvenile and irredeemable, and it's kind of a problem? Wouldn't it be so equally problematic edgy and trendy and subversive if filmmakers started casting WOMEN in those roles instead of men?! Well, it didn't work in Bad Teacher, so Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody are giving it a try with Young Adult:

Charlize Theron is "the girl you hated in high school." She also appears to be "the woman you will hate in this movie." A two-minute trailer isn't enough to determine whether Young Adult will be worth watching (especially not a David Bowie-filled Diablo Cody trailer—I'm onto you and your tricks, lady) but it is enough to get a sense of what the filmmakers are going for: That a (white, attractive, straight) woman behaving badly—and we're talking really badly, like marriage-ruining badly—is worth watching.

Are you buying it?

by Kelsey Wallace
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this just looks depressing

this just looks depressing and awful and sad. like I feel like I would want to throw myself off a bridge after watching it. what a fitting kind of movie for Patton Oswalt to be in. I guess.

It's Jason Reitman, not Ivan

It's Jason Reitman, not Ivan Reitman.

GREAT. Another movie about a

GREAT. Another movie about a girl whose life presumably sucks and she has to be sucky to other women so her life can suck less. Why will it suck less? Because she missed out on some man. Really movies? Really?

I agree. Not only do I agree,

The Case of the Two Reitmans!

Eek you're right! Thanks gracerking; I saw the Reitman last name and I guess for whatever reason I just assumed it was the director Ivan Reitman, not his son Jason (also a director, of course). Thanks for the catch!

I'm excited to see it. In Bad

I'm excited to see it. In Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz was so "Isn't it adorable how bad I am!" and I'm not getting that cloying vibe from this trailer. There is potential for a real antagonist protagonist here, and that's rare for female leads.

I'm not immediately turned

I'm not immediately turned off, but I am curious: Usually when you have so an unappealing protagonist there has to be some lesson they learn by the end, right? So what lesson is this character going to learn? How to be more ladylike? Or how to fall in love with the sidekick guy she's been ignoring? Maybe she won't, in which case, that might be truly interesting.

I did think the "we can beat this thing together" line was kind of funny.

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