The Wedding March: Embracing the Trashy

As the day draws ever nearer, and even the most patriotic pundits run out of things to say about the ceremony itself, it's time to turn our attention to what comes afterwards. The significance of the event cannot be underestimated, and although none of us will be privy to what the newlyweds get up to behind closed doors, it doesn't stop us speculating. I speak, of course, of the reception.

Disco balls in the throne room, vans in the Palace courtyard selling bacon sandwiches to partygoers—yes, it's a Royal Wedding, Middleton-style. Pippa Middleton, party-planner and It Girl, is in charge of the post-wedding shindig—no, not the one with the Queen is hosting, with the dignitaries and the canapés—the real party. Beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes, getting their groove on in a Palace. Forget the wedding, this is one invite I wish I'd gotten.

After years of having their less than blue blood used against them, it wouldn't have been surprising to see the wedding followed by a chic, classy soirée to prove once and for all, that Kate is One Of Them. Instead, she's letting her hair down and partying on her terms, leaving horrified Palace officials in her soon-to-be-regal wake. Don't let the unstuffy atmosphere confuse you—remember that these are the people who think it isn't a night out unless you're drinking cocktails containing actual diamonds. But when your family have been dismissed as social climbers and you've been called a gold-digger, it takes guts to embrace the trashy.

It's taken the better part of a decade for Kate Middleton to be accepted into her fiancé's world. Now that she's there, she can afford to do whatever the hell she wants—one of the perks of being a princess.

by Kaite Welsh
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Yep, I'd say that selling refreshments instead of providing them for your guests - as you should - is trashy indeed. How in the WORLD did that get approved by Clarence House?

As for the rest of it....get down with your bad self Kate--party how you want to!


wow... is this a piece that you all copied from the onion website?

I do have to wonder what this

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