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Prison-rights activist and black feminist Angela Davis was arrested forty years ago this month for accomplice to conspiracy, kidnapping, and homicide. Celebrate this iconic woman who has never stopped or been silenced by checking out Mountains that Take Wing: Angela Davis & Yuri Kochiyama: A Conversation on Life, a documentary that debuted at the San Francisco Black Film Festival in June and follows Davis and fellow Civil-Rights activist Yuri Kochiyama as they talk about their lives and the state of activism and politics. Here's the trailer (transcription here):

You can currently only catch the film in limited locations. Ninoy Brown of FOBB attended one of the screenings where Davis and Kochiyama made appearances and posted her reactions on Racialicious:

Watching and hearing Yuri and Angela reflect on 90+ years of activism grounded myself back to the importance of serving the people and not getting burned out. Discussions about life, struggles, and the evolving social landscape throughout the decades was profound to see.

Yuri had to leave early because she was feeling under the weather. This brought me back to reality knowing that two individuals that I hold highly are immortal and that it is even more important now to hear their personal narratives so as to offer the younger generations insight and perspective.

In the meantime, you can catch Davis on yesterday's Democracy Now! She speaks about her arrest and imprisonment ("It was not so much about me as an individual as it was about discovering a scapegoat who could be targeted in order to frighten people away from the radical movement"), the new critical edition of Life of Frederick Douglass she edited ("How can we recognize the masculinist dimensions of our conception of freedom and move on from there here in the twenty-first century?"), why it's important to see the connection between slavery and prison ("The violence of slavery, which we assume was abolished with the Thirteenth Amendment and afterwards, is very much at work within US prison institutions."), and President Obama ("We have to beware of our tendency in this country to look for messiahs and to project our own possible potential power on to others.")

The segment also has video footage of then-California governor Ronald Regan making a sorry excuse about dismissing her from UCLA and Davis interviewed in prison. Set aside forty minutes or so to take it in or listen on the go! A transcription is available at the Democracy Now! site.

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thanks for the post, kjerstin! i've grown up with varying (and varyingly accurate) accounts of angela davis and who she is- i will absolutely be watching this in salem in january!

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