Top Gear and Sexism: Video Remix!

Bitch reader and video editor Ashley Bischoff, inspired by the Homophobic Friends remix Kjerstin posted last week, made a similar video exposing the sexism and homophobia of Top Gear. And all of this from just one episode!

Top Cisgender Male Gear from Ashley Bischoff on Vimeo.

We love it when readers are inspired to create their own content and share it with us. Thanks Ashley! And Top Gear: Clean up your act already. "Girls" drive cars too—sheesh!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Thank you for showing this! i

Thank you for showing this! i haven't ever seen the american version of topgear, but i am an avid fan of the original british program. It is hosted by 3 middle aged men and is not at all sexist in anyway. In fact one part of the show they had elderly women come on to teach them how to do some stunt tricks whilst driving a car, to debunk the stereotypical batty old woman, who should by no means be behind a wheel.

I think you need to watch a few more episodes. . .

I'm not sure how much of the BBC's original version you have seen, but I think it's pretty damned sexist (but I may be biased as I think Jeremy Clarkson is the world's biggest eejit). An Oxford tutor in women's studies has accused the show of "entrenched, institutional sexism". And just this winter they've added some fantastic evidence of racism, just to round things out.. . .

Oh dudes...

Thanks for this! It's amazing how insecure some dudes are that they need to resort to sexism to one up each other.

Glasses has the douchiest

Glasses has the douchiest haircut ever. So naturally, you'd find that kind of haircut everywhere.


The clips also struck me as somewhat ablist, as they were giving that one guy such a hard time over trying to treat his dry skin (which can be caused by a variety of medical problems, although in this case was probably not). Maybe I'm over reaching, but as someone who has Sjrogren's Syndrome (autoimmune, causes dryness) that also jumped out at me. The sexism and anti-homosexualism were also very prevalent.

More than anything else, the fact that this was all from one episode seems very convincing of their sexism.

Hmm... thanks for posting

Hmm... thanks for posting this, but honestly most of that looked pretty harmless compared to what it could have been. The "girl car" thing irks me a bit, but I've taken to reacting to that one with - "Oh you mean it is FANTASTIC? Hmm... I didn't that before, but maybe you're right." No defense quite like a good offense.


Wow... a male aimed, car show being sexist.... you don't say.

It's crappy but not surprising.

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