True Blood: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Last night's True Blood started as Bill & Eric's Excellent Adventure and ended up more like Bill & Eric's Bogus Journey.

Lafayette looking great in some new lashes
Lafayette is indeed a fine ass motherfucker with some pretty new eyelashes.

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Well, at least Steve and

Well, at least Steve and Russell happened. I seriously thought Momma Hoyt was going to end up being the Dragon, but then they introduced yet another new character. Seriously, a major villain should be someone we get to know over time, not a random person out of the blue. It would have been better if Bud were acting alone, as much as it pained me that they made him a bad guy in the first place. And the glimpse into Sweetie's past made me wince so hard. A fat woman is a villain because she lost a man and hates herself? Can't she just be evil because she enjoys it, or because she craves power? (A la Ursula the sea witch.)

Also, the Jessica/Hoyt/Jason storyline is awful. I had a really hard time watching episode 8 with Jessica's kidnapping, the rhetoric of the hate group, and Hoyt actually considering shooting her. Hoyt's behavior has been completely inexcusable and at this point I think he's beyond redemption. I'm confused as to what the writers want us to think. WIth Jessica's self-blame, it feels like we're supposed to be at least a little empathetic to Hoyt, which disgusts me. There shouldn't be any room to feel for a guy who would kill a woman for breaking up with him. Jessica has every right to sleep with and be otherwise intimate with whomever she wants; Hoyt's position is completely indefensible.

At this point, I feel like Eric is the only likable character left on the show. I mean, other than Russell and Steve, I guess, but they're bogged-down by a horrible mess of a story line.

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