True Blood: Save Yourself

It was a shenanigans-packed finale on last night's True Blood! Should we have expected anything less?

Lafayette sitting at Merlotte's bar
LaLa's face says it all.

We've been live-tweeting the season at @BitchMediaLive. Follow along while you watch the episode or get caught up right here! We reorder our tweets so you can read along while you watch.

Can you believe it's been 12 weeks since this schlocky roller coaster of a season began? If you just can't wait for season six, fear not: HBO has a True Blood cookbook to tide you over. FIll your next 40 weeks with food called things like "coleslaw comeuppance" and "confederate ambrosia." You won't even realize the show's off the air (because you're too sick to watch television).

See you next season!

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