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Michelle Dean
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As always, it's been a pleasure blogging here at Bitch, but my time entertaining you with excessively wordy opinions on feminism and television has come to an end.  There are some ways in which the end of this gig will mean an increase in my quality of life.  Being a TV nerd, even being paid to be a TV nerd, has its personal costs: the cable bill, abnormally high wear-and-tear on the couch and one's sweatpants, the wiggling out of social encounters because you "really have to keep up with" Teen Mom.  The endless watching of all the crappy new shows in hopes one of them will provide fodder for a blog post. 

(For example: I'm never getting back the time I spent on Running Wilde or Outlaw, or pondering how to spin the Demi Lovato rehab story into a commentary on television.  Those posts will just have to remain unwritten.)

But I do hope that in some small way I've managed to drum my "execution matters" mantra into your heads, and that you've maybe picked up a tip or two about what to watch along the way. And I continue, despite all odds, to urge anyone who shares my television addiction to defend their interest in television as feminist, even if it does, as one of you put it, keep us wallowing in a "world of filth."  From Calamity Jane on Deadwood to Joan Holloway on Mad Men to Angela Chase from My So-Called Life, some of the most vibrant female archetypes in our culture appear on television, and don't you let any film or book snob of your acquaintance forget it.

I'll continue to see many of you around in some of my other homes on the web, I hope!  In particular, I'll be blogging more regularly at The Pursuit of Harpyness, so if you enjoyed this column, you might like it over there too.  Happy couchsurfing!


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Thanks Michelle!

I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for coming back to Bitch!


Just like your last series, this finished too soon. Have fun over at Harpyness!


I just started reading this blog recently and have enjoyed your funny and insightful posts. I'm glad to hear you'll still be writing elsewhere in blogworld and will definitely read more of your stuff!

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