Nerdy Sisters "The Doubleclicks" Sing a Sweet Song Debunking "Fake Geek Girls"

Portland nerd-rock band The Doubleclicks have a cute new music video that counters the "Fake Geek Girls" meme. The video for the song "Nothing to Prove" features women from all over the country (and a couple fellows like Wil Wheaton) holding up signs explaining how and why they're geeks.

The sweet song is perhaps the first in internet history to rhyme "selfish" with "elvish" with such panache. One catchy sections goes: 

"Now 'geek' is not rejection, it's a label I own,

Then ignorant haters come to prove me wrong,

Come to tell me I'm not nerdy enough to belong,

I've got nothing to prove."

Check it out:

This issue of exclusion and fussiness around who gets to call themselves a nerd is exactly the issue we discussed recently on Bitch's Nerds! podcast episode. As Geek Girl Con staffer Raychelle Burks summed up on the show, "It's a position of privilege when just by being male, no one's going to say, 'Well, really, you're a nerd?'"

by Sarah Mirk
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