Video: Shit Girls Say About the Show GIRLS

Well, you knew this was coming. With everyone talking about GIRLS (and the "Shit Girls Say" guy getting a book deal), this "Shit Girls Say About GIRLS" video was as inevitable as a future filled with sex robots. And I have to admit, even though I am a "Shit Girls Say" hater, I laughed at this.

Check it out but be warned: The Internet just might be collapsing on itself.

Captions available within the video by clicking the CC button

by Kelsey Wallace
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well done!


Can I make a request as a

Can I make a request as a deaf person, please? Can you please not put the line about closed captioning being available on the video when it's just the transcribe audio feature? It never works well, you can just try it out for yourself. The transcribed captions don't make any sense.

I thought it meant that someone had uploaded captions so I was excited about that but I felt rather let down when I saw that it wasn't the case :(

Sorry about that!

I'm so sorry about that—I've had luck with the closed captions on YouTube videos in the past and I assumed they'd be sufficient this time as well but I obviously didn't check first. I'll look for a transcription of the video and upload it if I can find one. Thanks for saying something!

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