Host a Bitch House Party!

Want to help support Bitch and have fun while you're doing it? Bitch House Parties are a fun way to raise money and recruit new readership and supporters for your favorite feminist media organization. We were thinking pin the tail on the donkey or an ugly sweater party, but whatever type of fiesta you throw, you'll be helping us to reach our goal!

Check out the House Party Planning Kit, which describes everything you need to know about throwing a Bitch House Party. Questions? Contact Jaymee!

Party on!

by Jaymee Jacoby
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BITCH House Party

Sounds fun! I have never done ANYTHING like this. (which makes me want to do it even more)
Has anyone else thrown one? How was it? Any other suggestions or tips you could give a fellow feminist that is hesitant to take this challenge on?
Much love-J

Don't Worry!

Having a house party for Bitch is just like having any house party! There's no reason to be nervous. Just get your pals together and tell them why Bitch is worth supporting. If you need a little help with what to say, we're here for you. We might even be able to send someone over to your place as a Bitch representative (depending on where you're located).

So don't sweat it! Bitch house parties are fun and easy (and they make you look cool in front of all of your friends). You can do it!

With out knowing

Without knowing we had one accidently. Last saturday we got 3 bottle of wine and ended up on this site. It was alot of fun for a night in.

low-brow house party...

I don't think that me and my scruffy girl punk friends can really afford to raise $1000, but we sure can try! I love you gals.

Right back at ya!

We love you too! And don't worry if you don't raise $1000; every little bit helps!

Keep spreading the word about Bitch! We couldn't do it without people like you. Thanks so much!!!

House Party for Bitch

OK, so it's not a "house," but we're having a party for Bitch.

If you're in the area (or due for a road trip) please join us at the Palace Lounge in Missoula, MT for a night of lady DJs, dancing, drink specials, and Bitch schwag. Also, live hip-hop with Acee-vill and Evlene!

DJ Mama <a herf="">Ashley Brittner</a>, DJ, comedian and Bitch intern, will be joining us from Portland, OR.

<img src="

Very Nice

Love the poster you created. Hope the B party went well!

I didn't even realize that

I didn't even realize that you had all these products available. They would be perfect for my wife's party next weekend... I wonder if it could be shipped to here in time though. <a href=" ">Refinance How </a>


We made some sweet dollar bills for <i>Bitch</i> and I got the pleasure of meeting people who had never heard of us before. I had some fantastic conversations about feminism and activism with these people and it was truly a great experience. As we've found, these parties are not just about raising money for <i>Bitch</i> but also to raise awareness about what we do here and to educate people who don't know much about us. It is SO fun, too! Any of you out there who are on the fence about hosting a party, just remember: it never hurts to try! Feel free to send us updates/photos of your own parties for <i>Bitch</i> because we'd love to see the people who are helping make what we do possible!

The fine party was last time...

Last time it was cheerful. Thanks a bough for so frequent meetings. Yes, and still - for unindifference the respect most advanced stage... I kiss you! All to be! Marika Volya.

House Paaaartay!

I LOVE an excuse to have a gathering!!!


great stuff

sounds bitchcy but awesome indeed...

If you're in the area (or

If you're in the area (or due for a road trip) please join us at the Palace Lounge in Missoula, MT for a night of lady DJs, dancing, drink specials, and Bitch schwag. Also, live hip-hop with Acee-vill and Evlene!

Men who support Bitch

If you think your nervous what about me as a man trying to organize a house party. Maybe I should do a Beer Party! Any men who have done one? Any suggestions? Maybe I should have my wife do it and invite my progressive male friends instead of starting out pure guys? Oh and by the way if there are any people in Sunrise, Florida/Broward County Florida that want to help or need help please post!!

Banana Party

Wish I'd seen this article sooner - I had a big banana party at the weekend - imagine if that was incorporated with Bitch

I attempted to throw a Bitch

I attempted to throw a Bitch party but my friends told me they couldn't afford the international subscription, so when my neighbour threw a Body Shop party I handed out a few magazines/books/website literature. It was quite successful, we got a great debate going.

Even if you don't make much/any money - don't let that put you off spreading the word.