Watch This: No Joke. Choice Matters. Everywhere. (Bonus: Issa Rae is in it!)

The folks at Pathfinder International just launched No Joke. #ChoiceMatters. Everywhere., a campaign to raise awareness about international reproductive health care. The campaign is focused on building a movement to help more people around the globe access modern contraceptives, and the video is hilarious too. Seriously!

Issa Rae talking to the camera in the video
It's not funny. (But the video is pretty funny.)

In the video, several women are at the doctor's office facing various barriers to receiving healthcare—one has been waiting for days, another doesn't have a car to get to a clinic that stocks UTI tests, and a third is asked to bring her husband in for permission. Again, I know this doesn't sound funny but it's totally worth a watch! Here it is:

From the campaign website:


Imagine needing to get your husband's consent to get birth control, or waiting for hours in a clinic only to be told supplies have run out. That happens!

Pathfinder International is on the ground around the world working to to tear down these barriers and we need you to help.

Pathfinder has several ways you can get involved to ensure all women have access to healthcare, from sharing this video to donating your time or money. Find out more by visiting the campaign website or following the #ChoiceMatters conversation on Twitter.

by Kelsey Wallace
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