Watch Trailer for Call Me Kuchu on Ugandan LGBT Activists

Call Me Kuchu is a new film that follows Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill, openly-gay activist David Kato (who was murdered three weeks after the bill was originally shot down), testaments from queer Ugandans, and the contradiction of religion, state, and identity. Its premiere this month at the Berlin Film Festival couldn't come at a better time. (Its directors, Katherine Fairfax Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worrall still have a Kickstarter campaign going and are close to reaching their goal!)

Call Me Kuchu - Trailer from Call Me Kuchu on Vimeo.

I found out about the movie from a post Nigerian writer and media activist Spectra Speaks put up today detailing more about the re-introduction of the "Kill the Gays bill" this week and what activists in Uganda are doing:

The draconian bill, which began the chain reaction that led to David Kato's death, is back. A copy of Uganda's Parliament Order Paper, dated February 7, 2012, has been making its way around the internet. Though the government's official spokeswoman maintains that the Ugandan government is "not interested" in the bill and that Cabinet had made its stand on the bill clearly last year by rejecting it, David Bahati, the senator who is sponsoring the bill, claims that the Ugandan government cannot influence his bill because it is a private members bill and as such, property of parliament and not Cabinet.

The return of the "Kill the Gays" bill is a major concern for Ugandan LGBT activists, but many have vowed to continue their struggle.

Head over to Spectra Speaks to read the whole post. (And check out what Bitch contributor Kristin Rawls has to say about the Republican Christian Right's connection to the bill over at Alternet.) And keep an eye out for Call Me Kuchu getting more distribution!

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It breaks my soul when I hear of stories like this. It tears me up to know that people have to DIE in order to defend their right to be WHO THEY ARE.

You can not pray the gay away.

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