When people start making their own campaign shirts, things get plain scary.

First, I'd like to say that I don't really know what political t-shirts do, except allow people to feel superior for their choice. I doubt they do much to change people's decisions. I know these aren't made or even endorsed by the candidates...but geez. They certainly don't bode well for the perceived mentality of the GOP.

As a graphic designer, I get a thrill looking at these horendously conceived and designed shirts for candidates (just search Sarah Palin at Café Press if you want to see more). I'm guessing most of you saw much of the Hillary stuff. In addition to all the 'go girl' type shirts, there were plenty of cheap shot designs like these: 

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3149/2840107603_51613a5c77_o.jpg       http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3057/2840267947_d1fea4ba94_o.jpg


Now it's Palin's turn. And while the message is different, it's still pretty dang offensive. And as you'll see all of the ones I show below are actually IN SUPPORT of her as a candidate!


1. Isn't it great when your candidate isn't                      2. Get it? Get it? Democrats are ugly! Oh, and they don't even granted a name, designation of hotness?               don't even shave their legs!



3. Stop the insanity!                                            4. McMilf? More like McBarf. (Thanks! I'll be here all week.)



http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3156/2840158373_31c0f4b228_o.jpg      http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3189/2840941906_5df8237f7b_o.jpg

5. I'm so glad they're fighting that double standard!                              6. Stay klassy, t-shirt designers!                      Also, that pink script really makes me identify as                                                                                                                a Vagina-American.


6. Fun with misappropriating feminist terminology!         8. Wait, Chick is one of her kids' names, right?

by Briar Levit
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My Idea for a T-Shirt

How about FEMOCRAT 2012?

Palin makes me crazy. I complain about her all the time on my blog. Who in the world names their kids after random things in nature?????

Even as a so-called "lipstick feminist", I can't take a woman seriously when she says that the only thing that separates her from a pitbull is lipstick. The Jackie-O approach to style might be all well and good but we have more important things to worry about for the time being. When we have balanced the deficit, gotten the economy under control, and finally get the hell out Iraq, and resolved all of the other social issues burdening this country right now, then we can talk about her cute little pant suits. Until then I am ashamed that she is representing women to this country.

Piper is not all that 'uncommon'

There are the actors Piper Perabo and Piper Laurie.

As for Bristol ... it reminds me of a town that shares the Virginia/Tennesee border.

Bristol is a city in

Bristol is a city in South-West England... it's the sixth largest in the country... and it's also cockney rhyming slang for cleavage...

What's worse is "Track"... that poor boy didn't stand a chance at being non-athletic.

cuz it's too late for a chemical peel

I'm generally not a big proponent of cosmetic surgery but this gentleman might could benefit from a radical isthmusectomy (neck transplant), with any secondary procedures that would go with it.


i think it's interesting if there aren't anti-palin shirts but there are anti-hilary shirts and pro palin shirts. you know?

Wow, she's so hot I could vote her....

Let's get it out of the way; I too think she was picked as a token candidate to either woo the less intelligent Hillary supporters and to confuse people into diminishing Obama's candidacy. We have turned reality TV into the methodology of how we think and act. No way McCain could have known no only how she would have become a celebrity but (and here's what's wrong with America itself:) it would push her above Obama in polls without anyone knowing a single issue she stood for---be afraid, be very damn afraid!

I knew there was something rotten in DC, but WTF is happening to this country?!? Why do I know who the fuck Bristol Palin is??? We might know one-maybe two issues she really stands for and yet the number of people who know her kids names in order would probably drive you start shopping for Y2K bunkers. Remember two short months ago, Clinton is in the fight of her political life and N (f-ing) PR dedicated several minutes talking about pant suits(?!?!?). This was the end of the line for American mainstream journalism for me. I no longer give to NPR for all the reasons I don't donate money to American Apparel to get their message out. I am 'fluff free' since 2008.

I understand Bitch's mission to analyze pop-culture from a feminist lens. I get this post and understand why it's here. What I would like to see is an analysis of this phenomenon. No one else in the country is up to the task. Bush has approval stats in the 30's- I suspect because some of his henchmen and supporter are skewing the numbers that high. Between either Hillary and Barrack, I could feel that dawn was returning in America. When the country can see that it is completely FUBAR, on the way to become China's 'Countrywide Mortgage' (in crisis and ready to be sold pennies on the dollar), and seriously making the idea of continuing the 8 yr. losing streak, something just isn't right. So what's the point of this rant? I think these T shirts are very influential. They slowly but surely increase the malaise in the voters mind. Civic action is replaced by jaded ambivalence. If Chaves and Mugabe were smart they would replace their thugs with the partisan bottom-feeders to intimidate voters away from the polls.

The closet optimist in me thinks maybe Palin is popular for some of the reasons Obama is and that is her lack of experience that intrigues voters. Neither she nor he is a beltway insider and maybe this lack of experience (less qualified at corruption) is what appeals to people. This may be a case of the devil we know wearing out his welcome...then again someone on the bus adamantly said he will vote for her because he "likes her can."

Alaska Women Reject Sarah Palin rally

An amazing number of women (and men and children!) marched against Sarah in Anchorage this weekend! pics here: http://laurainak.blogspot.com

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