If you've been hearing strains of Ray Parker, Jr. coming from your entertainment news lately, it's not just Slimer playing tricks on you. Ghostbusters 3 is going to begin filming this winter!

Now, you're probably thinking either, "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" or, "WTF does this have to do with a feminist response to pop culture?". Well, first of all you probably should be afraid of ghosts because they are dangerous, and second, here is a quote from the Entertainment Weekly piece on the new film:

Aykroyd told the Times that he envisions a new five-person team of ghost hunters that could even include several women.

Women busting ghosts? Certainly there is a feminist response to be had here. Let's talk about which women we'd like to see wearing those new proton packs, shall we?

First of all, here is the whole press release on the new film:

Dan Aykroyd tells all about a possible third 'Ghostbusters' film!

In a new interview with the L.A. Times, Aykroyd said that many of the big names from the 'Ghostbusters' franchise -- Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson -- are on board for a third, and production could begin by this winter.

The storyline for the third film finds the original Ghostbusters ready to hand off the task of managing New York City's ghoulies to a younger crew. Aykroyd told the Times that he envisions a new five-person team of ghost hunters that could even include several women.

So maybe women on the ghostbusting team is not a definite, but it does seem to be a strong probably. Part of the problem with casting women in films like these, though, is that there aren't many good comedic roles for young females, so the boys' club cycle is allowed to continue (Judd Apatow films, anyone?). That is where we come in! Some good suggestions from us about which young females we'd like to see in the movie might just tip the Hollywood scales (you know that this is Hollywood's number-one favorite feminist blog, right?) in the favor of some hilarious women with some kick-ass ghosthunting skills.

Now, the new ghostbusters will probably be young. Sure, Aykroyd and his crew were in their 30s when the first two films were made, but knowing how modern-day sequels go, the team this time around probably needs to be in their 20s. That means (unfortunately) that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are probably out. So which 20-something women would you like to see in the new film? Some thoughts:

- Aubrey Plaza. Plaza currently plays April the apathetic intern on Parks and Recreation. With her on the team we'd be sure to get some good ol' fashioned sarcasm, and maybe even a guest appearance from her costar, Aziz Ansari.

- Mindy Kaling. Sure, she is great as the prissy Kelly Kapoor on The Office, but Kaling looks like she'd be able to slime the shit out of some ghosts if she felt like it. Her presence would be even more appreciated if they let her work as a writer on the film as well. She's hilarious!

- Ashanti. Sure, her biggest acting credit is the sassy cheerleader in John Tucker Must Die, but she was really funny in that!

Honestly though, it is tough to think of many more 20-something women in Hollywood who are known for their comedic chops, and that is a shame (because just think of how many dudes there are who fit that description). Maybe Ghostbusters 3 is just what they need to turn it around, though! Bustin' always makes me feel good, and maybe it will make women in Hollywood feel good as well.

Who would you like to see star in the new film? Or do you even care about a new Ghostbusters?

by Kelsey Wallace
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First of all, this film

<p>First of all, this film could be so bad or so good. But I'll be there to see it in the theater no matter what. </p><p>So for my vote on a ladies for the team: </p><p>1. Jamie Presley from 'My Name is Earl'? </p><p>2. Jennifer Saunders (she's older but screw the age thing)</p><p>3. Samantha Bee (making her foray in to film?)</p><p>4. Wanda Sykes (would probably get typecast as 'the sassy black one', but maybe she could offer her writing skills to the project?)  </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Interesting to note that my choices are all ladies in their 30s and older. It seems like there are less funny opportunities for younger women than older women in Hollywood when I think about it. </p><p>PS: I hope Annie Potts will be reprising her role as well?! </p>

I think Amanda Bynes could

I think Amanda Bynes could fulfill the kickass funny girl role. She has been cast in plenty of awkward/funny but sexy-with-effort girl roles (She's the Man, Sydney White, Hairspray). I don't know her feminist standings but she has always seemed like a genuine acting/comedic talent to me.

And why, exactly, do they

And why, exactly, do they HAVE to be in their 20s? The idea leads me directly to images of perfect (blonde) hair, glossed lips, and jiggly boobs as the fetal team struggle cross the streams while not breaking a nail.
(Cross the streams? Yeah, that's not symbolic...)
If we're going to fantasize about the cast, can't we enjoy the idea of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey? Do we have to compromise our imaginations, too?

i think it is b/c they are

i think it is b/c they are supposed to be the 'new generation' of ghost busters. also,being in your 20s doesn't equate blond hair, glossy lips, and big boobs.


Sarah Chalke and Judy Rayes from Scrubs! I love them!

Don't hate me

Lindsay Lohan? I know, terrible choice, but she was really funny in mean girls.

Charlyne Yi & Tina Marjorino

Charlyne Yi was awesome in <I>Knocked Up</i>, too bad she didn't have more to do. I kept wondering why Seth Rogen didn't find a girl more like her. I guess only a loser guy dates a woman who likes him the way he is, a true man only wants to date a skinny blonde who barely tolerates his amusements and expects him to to earn a certain amount of money:


Tina Majorino was great in <i>Napoleon Dynamite</i> and <i>Veronica Mars</i>:


I agree

I also agree with Tina Majorino and Charlyne Yi, and I'd like to add Alia Shawkat! Kelsey, you should have thought of her! Maeby? Come on!:)

My list:

I agree with the Amanda Bynes vote, but here are some others:
- Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis were both great in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
- Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan might be in their early 30s now, but they both proved repeatedly on Buffy that they can quip while kicking supernatural ass.
- Is Jenna Fischer (The Office) too old? She's 35. Not too old by my standards.
- That Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) is so cute. I believe she can do funny.
- Alicia Witt (of Cybill) is 34 now, but she is a firecracker.
- Emma Stone was totally under-utilized in Superbad, she was the only real spark in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and she was wasted in The House Bunny.
- America Ferrara- It would be nice to see her doing something bigger than Ugly Betty
- Colbie Smulders- She was born in the 80s and she is Robin Sparkles. Awesome.
- And Kristen Wiig might be 36, but for my money, she was the funniest woman in Knocked Up.

All great choices indeed.

However ... it seems just about every day lately I am hearing about another remake or sequel. While I don't want to say that they are all bad by any means--and perhaps Ghostbusters 3 could turn out to be a halfway decent one--still ... some originality that isn't sexist, degrading, demeaning, stereotyping, or "chick-flicky" ... with lead women characters that are not plastic, dumb-blonde, size-zero fashionistas stalking potential husbands because they must get married before they turn 30/40, or even victimized GLBTQ characters ... to name several character types I am tired of ... would make my day even more. Any original screenwriters reading this- Don't EVER give up on your craft ... and if they tell you "NO" the first time ... don't take it as the final answer!

One more character type I am tired of ...

Pregnant single female characters that give birth or have a "convenient miscarriage" in order to avoid having a "smashmortion" I am tired of them, too.

Ana Faris!!!

Don't forget Ana Faris! She was FREAKIN' HILARIOUS in "Smiley Face," which, if you haven't seen it, you really must. Also, yes, she starred in House Bunny, which was not that funny, but she is saving up to start her own production company because she wants to create better comedic roles for women. So I hope she got a big paycheck out of that movie. Ana! Ana! woo!

Melonie Diaz would rock in a

Melonie Diaz would rock in a Ghostbusters movie. She was really funny in Be Kind Rewind and proved she could work with an ensemble in The Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

I hope Sigourney Weaver returns. She has to, right?

Zoey Deschanel and other suggestions

Melonie Diaz sounds really great! I loved her in Be Kind Rewind (was relived that the girl character got to be funny too) and Raising Victor Vargas.
Zoey Deschanel would be great too! She has done some sci-fi-ish films like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gallaxy and a tv show on sci-fi which was a twist on The Wizard of OZ...I never watched it. I think she's great!
Do you think Ellen Page would be a good or bad idea?
Nitya Vidyasagar is a new human character on Sesame Street, she seems silly and energetic.
Natalie Portman?
Too bad Dakota Fanning and Abagail Breslin are too young. And idk how funny Dakota is.
But what about Alicia Keys?
Does India Arie do acting?

High hopes....

One of the great things about the original Ghostbusters was that it was gritty and full of normal and/or weird looking characters. I mean their continuum goes from the stunning but admittedly peculiar looking Sigourney Weaver to Rick "Who brought the dog?" Moranis. Just how slick is the new movie going to be? Are the young dudes going to be Zac Efron, or Kal Penn, or Martin Starr?

If there was only one female Ghostbuster, I would completely want it to be Charlene Yi. From what I've seen, she doesn't only read a funny (or not so funny...) script in an entertaining way, but she really brings a unique comedic flavor as well. You know, like Bill Murray.

I hadn't thought about Zooey Deschanel, but now that it has been suggested on here I think that she could be really great.

What about the actress Sarah Hagan that played Millie in Freaks and Geeks? I didn't catch her in Buffy but she was a great Millie.

I would definitely cast a vote for Tina Majorino, who I think was brilliant in Veronica Mars and Big Love, and really quite funny in Napoleon Dynamite. But is she funny ENOUGH?

And then there's Kristen Bell. Between Veronica Mars, Fanboys, and Reefer Madness, I'm convinced that Bell can be really hilarious. I would love to see her discuss giant Twinkies with Egon. Unfortunately, she just might be too freaking hot to exist in the Ghostbusters Universe.

Finally, what about Lizzy Caplan? She played Lindsay Lohan's "weird" friend in Mean Girls, and now she is the quirky, saucey wannabe comedienne in Party Down.

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