Without You, There's No Bitch

Without you, there's no Bitch.

Over 300,000 people are part of the Bitch Media community - reading the magazine, discussing topics on the blog, and listening to the podcast.

Despite this great interest in our programs, Bitch struggles to pay to the bills, even as we keep our expenses low. In order to stick around and keep bringing you smart, witty, and thought-provoking pop culture commentary, we must increase support from people like you, so that we can build a sustainable foundation of support for our organization.

If just 1% of those who enjoy Bitch Media's content became sustainers at $5/month, the organization would have a steady revenue stream that would allow the continued production of the magazine, as well as our free blog, podcast, and future independent media programs. For about the cost of a latte just once a month, you can make thoughtful, independent, feminist media survive.

Join the B-Hive now with a donation of $5 or more per month.

It's easy! Our sustainer program, the B-Hive, allows you to contribute an affordable, set amount monthly through your credit or debit card. You set it up once, online or over the phone and it's automatic after that. And sustainers get a free subscription to Bitch! Growing the B-Hive is the key to moving Bitch from financial instability to a sustainable future.

Help us reach our goal of adding 300 new sustainers before November 1st. When we reach 300, we will select two winners to receive prize bags! One winner will be drawn at random from all new and upgraded sustainers since August. The other prize will go to the highest new or upgraded sustainer. Winners will receive a Bitch tote filled with great Bitch swag – Bitchfest and Feminism and Pop Culture, a Bitch postcard set, stickers, t-shirt and more. Don't wait – join the B-Hive now!

Support what you love. Keep Bitch in the world.
Join the B-Hive now!

Click here or call 1-877-21-BITCH (24824) to join.

Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law! Bitch Media is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, listed as B-Word Worldwide in the Federal Tax Exempt Organization List, tax ID no. 94-3360737.

by Jaymee Jacoby
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