Yippee-ki-yi-yay, it's a Weekend Roundup!


Here are a few important items that were brought to our attention via the interwebs.com over the weekend. Read on and give us your thoughts!

- Save the Guelph Women's Studies department!

The University of Guelph in Canada is threatening to close the doors on its Women's Studies department. For shame! Click here to read the Feministing article on this topic, and here to join the facebook group.

- Bitch hearts My Damn Channel, and vice versa!

The hilarious folks at My Damn Channel have given Bitch a little shout out on their blog! Does this mean that they want to make an infomercial for our video contest? Let's hope so!

- Bitch in the news!

Our friends Dangerous Ponies gave us a little love in the Philadelphia City Paper this week in their GAYbiGAYGAY review. Thanks, Ponies! Also, Jordan Flaherty over at the Monthly Review mentioned Bitch in a piece on Media Crisis and Grassroots Response.

So there you have it, a little web roundup for all you cowpokes out there. Is there anything going on in the news right now that you'd like to see on the Bitch blog? If so, email us at info[at]b-word.org, or just leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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I live in Canada, only a couple of hours from Guelph university. I am greatly disappointed in the way that guelph has decided to remove the women's studies program. I am currently a women's studies major at Trent university in Peterborough, Ontario and feel that the removal of this program will set a horrible precedent, possibly making it easier for other universities to remove women's studies from their offered programs. If any one is interested in helping, you dont have to go to university of guelph just check out the facebook page and sign a petition or send in a letter, e-mails to send the letters to are posted in both the article referrenced here and on the facebook page. There is only a couple more days to try to save the program, the final vote is on Tuesday April 7th, so if you have the time send in a letter and prove that this issue does not solely affect Guelph university but women's studies programs overall.

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