Young, Fat, & Fabulous is, well, fabulous.

I'm sure it's old news to most of you fatshionistas out there, but I have recently fallen in love with the fashion blog Young, Fat and Fabulous. It is so awesome!

Young, Fat and Fabulous (YFF) is a super-fun fashion blog that caters to fat women. The philosophy behind the blog is that there's no reason why a bigger woman can't be trendy or express herself through fashion, and also that building a community of fat fashion lovers means women can share tips and trends with one another and not feel like the only fat girl in a sea of skinny girls (you know, people fashion publications usually target). YFF blogger Gabi describes herself on the blog as, "a fun loving girl who happens to have a flair for fashion. I'm just trying to change the world one fat girl at a time." Yay! Here's an example from a recent YFF post:


And here's a photo of Gabi so that you can see for yourself how darned fashionable she is:


YFF features tons of great photos of fashionable women wearing the shit out of their plus-sized clothes. The community feel is really there, I haven't perceived any negativity whatsoever in any of the posts I've read (none of that "I hate my thighs but here's a photo anyway" 'tude) and all of the clothes are so cute! It really does keep the focus on fashion, with lots of links to tell you where you can buy that oh-so-hot jacket or edgy boots (anyone with legs bigger than a doll's knows that boots can be a problem sometimes). Also, YFF loves Beth Ditto (as does Bitch) and they posted this video of an interview she gave yesterday that is definitely worth a watch:

I am loving that every time I turn around there is another awesome fat-positive resource out there, and I love that YFF focuses on fashion and doesn't act like fat girls should cover themselves up until they get skinnier. It's great to see young women with so much confidence expressing themselves through fashion and not focusing on wishing they were the size that the industry tells them they should be. Plus, YFF-ers share a lot of great tips on where to find clothes on the cheap, which is great because the clothes on many fashion blogs are outside of most people's price ranges. Gabi and her readers also share lots of advice on how to "make it work" in a straight-sized store like H&M or Forever21. (Hint: Don't shy away from the stretchy fabric!)

Does anyone else have any great fat-positive fashion blogs to share? Put 'em in the comments section!

by Kelsey Wallace
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I don't know about you, but I don't view any of those women as fat! I don't like that word at all.... they look normal and average to me. But then again, I'm a size 14, so maybe i'm biased. I just don't know if I could ever claim that word as positive like some members of the gay community have claimed "queer" and turned it positive. Maybe it's just too blah of a word.

but anyways, i really like this blog. It's fun, and I like to be fashionable too, and i think blogs like this gives curvy women more confidence to wear clothes that show off their curves and to be fearless when it comes to fashion. and it really is all about confidence, and it really shows that Gabi just has a ton of confidence.

Oh and one more thing.... there's a post about London Fashion Week and Mark Fast using plus-sized models in his show.... puh-leese! those women are NOT plus-sized. I applaud him for using women who aren't size 0 in his show, but seriously folks, those women are normal. Isn't plus-size 14 or 16 and above? Definitely not an 8 or a 10. For what it's worth, it's definitely a step forward, and I think they look incredible, but it's just not an appropriate label for them.

Anyways, thanks for posting this, I'm definitely bookmarking Gabi's blog.

Oh and Forever 21 has a new line of plus-sized clothes (and they're all really freaking cute), which interestingly enough, I'm bigger than the models modeling the clothes on the website, yet the XL is slightly too big for me. Hm.

I thought the same as

I thought the same as Whitney - none of those girls really look fat to me. Merely curvy.

Still undeniably fabulous though.

Perhaps it's because they're

Perhaps it's because they're so fabulously dressed? ;-)

More Agreement

I agree with your comments, Whitney. Thank you, Kelsey, for another excellent post and for highlighting Gabi's blog. Unfortunately there are an awful lot of fashion designers who have yet to come around to the realization that the walking skeleton look is not the epitome of beauty. The models in this blog post on the other hand look very nice.

I love Gabi's blog, and also

I love Gabi's blog, and also read Manolo for the Big Girl (more for the laffs than the fashion, to be honest), and as well as

What a Welcome Change

It's refreshing to see plus size models featured - or anyone doing modeling who doesn't look under-age and starved. I hope designers wake up and take notes. Nice fashion statement.

Thanks a lot for letting me

Thanks a lot for letting me know about YFF.
It's the biggest fallacy, that men only find slim women attractive. Right now I'm working out regularly but my weight has gone up and down over the years and even when I was at my heaviest I still received male attention.
Whenever my girlfriends despair that they're a little heavier than they want to be, and fret that this might hold them back in the dating department, I assure them that it honestly doesn't matter to most men if you have cellulite on your ass. The only ones who notice that stuff, and analyze every flaw, are us.

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