Who I Am: 

I am an illustrator, a writer, a nature-lover, a people-person, a prankster wife, and a soon-to-be mom to a baby girl. Everything I create is done in an effort to study something new, and soak up the diversity in personalities and social landscapes I come in contact with. I live at the bottom of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I work from a home studio in our little green house.  

I feel like I never ever stop thinking about work I want to do. There are not enough hours in the day, days in the week, or weeks in a year to jump on every single dream art project that swirls in my mind. It can get overwhelming, so I try to live day to day and enjoy the process of creating by recognizing the value in what it is I have been able to accomplish. When I'm not drawing I'm teaching drawing to a bunch of feisty kids at the Visual Art Institute, a non-profit art school for children and teenagers in the Salt Lake Valley. 

What I'm Listening To: 

"Air Radio" on Pandora. Mostly a lot of Air and Groove Armada, which I think is excellent drawing music. 

What I'm Watching: 

I rarely have time to sit and watch TV, but I am very much looking forward to the upcoming season of Breaking Bad

What I'm Reading: 

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie (again), and The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas.