Who I Am: 

I always hate writing these things. I'm a cynical little tomboy bookwyrm who was lucky enough to be raised relatively gender-blind by parents who were more interested in raising an intelligent, independent child than a proper young lady. It didn't go over very well in the sexist and racist community we were unlucky enough to live in, but it's taught me a lot and made me very aware of how very broken our world still is.

I'm, above all else, a writer. Anything else (even eating and my passion for archaeology) comes second to my love of writing science fiction and fantasy and I become very grumpy and unreasonable if I have to go too long without venting my ideas onto a keyboard. Unfortunately, a downside this is my tendency to be utterly and completely blind to certain things and flat out oblivious at inconvenient times. I was that kid who got bullied a lot and did not realize it and accidentally offended people with my lack of brain/mouth filter. So, if I say/type something stupid, assume that I didn't mean it and feel free to point it out to me. I try to filter myself better nowadays, but I'm still a little on the socially inept side.