Who I Am: 
I am a young feminist, who just finished her degree in Women's Studies. I am an avid fan of bitch magazine and I am excited to be joining this community. I like to write and create art in canvas and photograph form. I have a lot of ideas, but sometimes I am lazy so I do not do anything and they just sit there. I need to be more proactive. I am very interested in feminism, feminist opinion on popular culture, sexuality, gender studies, women and their sexuality, sexualised bodies of women and women's sexual health. I would like to do my MA but I need to take a few years and pay off some debt. Eventually I will be a Women's Studies professor.
What I'm Listening To: 

The Cure... really into them right now.

What I'm Watching: 

Kenny vs. Spenny
Big Love
South Park
The Daily Show
Colbert Report
How to Look Good Naked (UK version)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
There is probably more but my brain is tired at the moment

What I'm Reading: 

At the moment Foundation by Isaac Asimov... I just finished The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood which was excellent (and scary because something like that could happen).