Who I Am: 
i am elizabeth... i'm young and i have a lot of opinions and i have a whole lot of words and i like to use that all to my advantage. i go to school at the Fairhaven School of Interdisciplinary Studies at Western Washington University and i am designing my own major in gender studies with an emphasis on Central American language and culture. i am really very excited to be able to study exactly what i want, and i will be using my degree when i am older and work with Latinas residing in the US. My sport is karate, and that is about half of my life... literally. i've been studying since right before my ninth birthday. i'm eighteen. so. i love people and i love public places like the library and parks and the bus. but i also enjoy solitude.
What I'm Listening To: 

absolute favorites: modest mouse. hank 3 (and assjack). the grateful dead. sinead o'conner. the kinks. bobby dylan. peter, paul and mary. woody and arlo guthrie. paul simon. simon and garfunkle. cat stevens. liz phair. bob marley and the wailers. peter tosh. janis joplin. gang starr. lauryn hill.

What I'm Watching: 

i don't watch tv except for the occasional pbs.

documentaries i loved: lake of fire. jesus camp. big rig. the devil and daniel johnson.

other movies i loved: alex and emma. saved. everything is illuminated. ten things i hate about you. zoolander. harold and kumar excape from guantanamo bay. but i'm a cheerleader. mysterious skin. boys don't cry. iron jawed angels.

What I'm Reading: 

i've recently gotten into graphic novels. not the japaname ones. my favorite so far is la perdida by jessica abel.

memoirs that i love: hypocrite in a pouffy white dress. falling through the earth. jesus land. life is so good. beautiful stranger. black like me. honky. naked.

fiction that i love: the mill on the floss. breakfast of champions. when the music dies. requiem for a dream. the color purple (and all that is alice walker). to kill a mockingbird.