Who I Am: 
I'm a full-time student at Barnard College, the women's college of Columbia University. I'm currently a sophomore and my prospective major is Women and Gender Studies. I grew up in San Luis Obispo, California. My interest in feminism and women's studies was realized when I worked at a teen reproductive health clinic during my senior year of high school and the summer before sophomore year (last summer). My job in the clinic consisted of talking to, informing, educating, and listening to my peers concerning reproductive health. In a regular doctor's office, I'd be considered a sort of nurse's assistant. Technically, I was supposed to write down the patient's information and why he/she was in the clinic that day and then relay that information to the clinician. This may seem pretty straightforward, but talking to teens about sexual health is an extremely emotional and sensitive activity. Now, at a women's college I'm discovering a more philosophical, historical, and scientific base which I can apply to future work with young women. Obviously, media and pop culture so greatly affects today's young girls as well as all women across the board. Just a few fun facts about me...the most spiritual experience I've ever had was in the Whitney in a Georgia O'Keefe exhibit, I'm deathly afraid of moths, I like to write, I grew up next to the beach but I'm a terrible swimmer, I love Beyonce and electro music.
What I'm Listening To: 

Electro and dubstep. Just went to Electric Zoo a couple weeks ago...so fun and crazy, music was amazing!

What I'm Watching: 

Friday Night Lights, Beyonce music videos, Keeping Up With the Kardashians/Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami (talk about pop culture)

What I'm Reading: 

Lotssss of women's studies articles and essays. Just finished a batch of Grosz