Who I Am: 
Jennifer Kate Stuller is a professional writer, critic, and scholar, and the author of Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors: Superwomen in Modern Mythology—a comprehensive history, critique, and reference guide examining feminist history and potential within popular culture (I.B. Tauris, January 2010). As an erudite connoisseur of television, films, novels and comic books, with a special interest in gender, sexuality, and diversity, Ms. Stuller strives to be the Joseph Campbell of modern myth — only much more feminist and much less crotchety. She has been invited to speak at conferences in the United States and Australia, and provided expert opinion and interviews for radio, documentaries and newspapers including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National: Breakfast show, The Seattle Times, and companion featurettes included on the 2-disc special edition DVD of the animated Wonder Woman movie. Ms. Stuller is a regular contributor to local and national publications & organizations, having her work appear in publications as diverse as Geek Monthly and Bitch to Washington CEO and the Encyclopedia of Gender and Society (SAGE Publications). She writes on subject matter ranging from architecture & design to feminist issues, corporate profiles and lifestyle trends, to travel, real estate, history, and popular culture. As a scholar and herstorian, her particular interests focus on what popular culture can tell us about social mores, particularly regarding gender, race, sexuality, ability, religion and class, in a given time or place. Ms. Stuller received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in the Program in the Comparative History of Ideas, where as a student she co-facilitated a credited course using the television program Buffy the Vampire Slayer to explore issues of human nature, and later returned to her Alma Mater to offer a survey course on the history of comics. She contributed a biweekly opinion column to the UW Daily in which she explored the larger social relevance of popular entertainment as well as reflected on her experiences as an adult undergraduate. She earned a minor in Women Studies. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Stuller moved to Seattle in 1997. She is married to Ryan Wilkerson, an art director employed by Microsoft Game Studios. They live with their two Maltese, Giles and Wesley. She can be reached through her website: www.ink-stainedamazon.com.
What I'm Watching: 

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, True Blood, Ashes to Ashes, Mad Men

What I'm Reading: 

The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris

Organization or Company: 
Ink-Stained Amazon