Who I Am: 

I'm a feminist who resides in the midwest. I live with my boyfriend, and our Boston Terrier, Taylor. I spend my mornings cooking at a great job, and the rest of my day spent creating in one way or another. I'm an introvert who will never stop dreaming or turn down a quality crafted brew.

What I'm Listening To: 

I listen to outdated music so I typically just put some NPR program on.

What I'm Watching: 

I'm always watching the X-Files.
Star Trek, Walking Dead, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Downton Abbey

What I'm Reading: 

Most of the time I'm combing through cookbooks, but I also read nonfiction about urban gardening, small farming, women/gender issues, weight loss, and feminist ramblings.
I love graphic novels/comics. Currently I'm trying to work my way through The Walking Dead series.