Kristin Rogers Brown joined Bitch Media as Art Director in March, 2010. Though her first love in design is print, she loves finding the right media for the message and believes in keeping a balance of form, function, and delight in all the details of her work whether it’s brand development, packaging, identity, or web design. Born outside of Chicago, Kristin is a graduate of Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. In addition to designing Bitch, Kristin is a freelance designer, educator, and former vice president of AIGA Portland (American Institute of Graphic Arts). She has worked with sustainable design and design community initiatives for a variety of clients, and has been instrumental in work with AIGA's SHIFT, sustainability team (established in 2008, now part of their social change project Design for Good), and Exploregon zine project; Worldstudio's Urban Forest Project; and Design Week Portland.

When not designing, Kristin frequents waterparks, swoons for David Bowie, obsessivley roots clippings of her houseplants, and runs or rides her bike around Portland. She is part insomniac, part narcoleptic, and quite possibly the messiest perfectionist ever.

Celebrity crushes: David Bowie, John Hodgman, Mike Rowe, Keegan Michael Key, Oscar Isaac, Adam Scott, Gillian Anderson

Turn-ons: scrabble, mix tapes (or CDs, since it’s not 1983), nerd comedy, road trips, crabcake benedicts

Turn-offs: fake banana flavoring, slam poetry, moths, using the wrong “to”, “too”, or “two” (ditto for “your/you’re”)

Secretly wishes she were a: Botanist

Kristin’s animal twin: jellyfish. They’re beautiful, dangerous, and some of them glow in the dark. “Floats like a jellyfish, stings like a jellyfish…”

What I'm Listening To: 

Bowie, Lady, Neko Case, Sharon Jones, Saun & Starr, Bill Callahan, Jawbreaker, Mars Volta, Florence & the Machine, Judge John Hodgman, 2 Dope Queens

What I'm Watching: 

Lady Dynamite, Jane the Virgin, Alan Alda’s Scientific American Frontiers, Key & Peale, Trailblazers’ basketball, Adventure Time, Discovery Channel-style reality shows, and most things related to law and/or order

What I'm Reading: 

Cruddy (Linda Barry), Dubliners (James Joyce), Spook (Mary Roach), Yehuda Amachai’s poetry, too many picture books to list