Who I Am: 
hullo... i'm tiffany, a portland gal of the artist-editor-writer persuasion. right now i'm working on a new book, co-editing PLAZM magazine, directing the non-profit 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts project 2GQ, and working on some installation/film/performances exploring women's identity and roles in relation to parenting, step-parenting, and non-parenting. Site for the April 13 performance, HOUSE BOUND, at Performance Works Northwest: www.2GQ.org/housebound.html Childless/childfree blog: magdalen.blogs.com/nymphe My website: www.magdalen.com Plazm magazine: www.plazm.com
What I'm Listening To: 

katell keineg
the gossip
kristen hersh
kate bush
gay deceivers
sugar plant
gillian welch
black orchid
"the brit box"
perfume tree
beastie boys
the books
honey owens
tres gone
from quagmire

What I'm Reading: 

"A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Mark Meadows, "I, Avatar"
a bunch of books on childlessness and child-free living
"Yes" Yoko Ono
Marianne Wiggins
Laurie Anderson by RoseLee Goldberg
Karen Finley memoir
Annie Dillard "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek"
Jane Hirshfield, "Given Sugar, Given Salt"
cheesy wedding magazines
Marvin Bell