Who I Am: 

Like the job title says, I'm a musician and a teacher. I play oboe, I teach oboe and saxophone, and I teach things that aren't oboe and saxophone, like ensemble music, calculus and currently physics. I am a nerdy language nerd and currently sit in on the Arabic I class at the secondary school where I teach. Grew up in New England, college in California, grad school in Chicago, work experience in Monterrey and Guanajuato, Mexico, where I adopted my Mexican street cat, and now I'm back in New England, in the smallest state there is, waiting for the water to be warm enough for diving again...

What I'm Listening To: 

Girlyman, The Innocence Mission, Elizabeth and the Catapult, Foxtails Brigade, Bon Iver, ani difranco

What I'm Watching: 

Castle, Fringe, Bones, Once Upon a Time, Smash

What I'm Reading: 

Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman; Daughters of Eve: Seeing Ourselves in the Women of the Bible (in conjunction with the relevant Bible verses)