Who I Am: 
I'm an eighteen year old about to embark on a three year backpacking tour of America, South America, and Europe. I identify as pansexual, and I've studied Wicca for three years. I wish to one day be a psychologist and writer. More than anything, I want to create positive change and help others. My father is a sexist, believing that lesbianism is prevented through forcing skirts and cooking on little girls, and my mother was a model, leading her to be disappointed in my rejection of beauty standards and societal norms -- for example, it's doesn't matter that I was one of the top 25 students in my grade, because I had a Lemon-Lime Koolaid mohawk. In short, I wish to become more involved in Wicca, politics, and, of course, feminism before I go to school, so I have more life experience and drive to keep me going through the late night cram sessions and the stressful exam periods.