Who I Am: 
I am zero percent cyborg, a fact that saddens me greatly. I think if I got contact lenses I could be .05% cyborg, but I will never give up wearing glasses. Today I bought one package of "fine" pens and one package of "superfine" pens and then tried to determine which one I liked better. The jury is still out. I have four of each and I'll probably have lost them all within two months, so I guess that's how long I have to reach a decision. I live 60% in San Francisco, 25% in Portland, and 15% wherever I can find. I find this arrangement to be mostly fun. I like clicking on things but am afraid to say anything important, lest I get laughed down. About 40% of my diet is pizza and burritos. It used to be mostly pizza, but then I moved to the Mission, and it's hard to say no to burritos in the Mission.
What I'm Listening To: 

Probably music. Maybe the sound of your voice on the telephone.

What I'm Watching: 

I don't watch many movies or TV, but I did plow through The Wire in an embarrassingly short time. Now I am poking at Mad Men.

What I'm Reading: 

Right now I'm reading The Pesthouse by Jim Crace, but I just started it. I also read The New York Times, New Yorker, and lots of non-fiction, especially science and math books and those weird highly-specific single-subject books like John McPhee's Oranges.