Who I Am: 
Thanks for visiting my page. My name is WhitX. As a medium-skilled writer, I enjoy covering different topics, from headline news to personal financial development. I love learning about multi-cultural backgrounds and different forms of life, like strange animal species and the appealing functionality of the human body. I'm really an all-around-kind of writer. I enjoy learning and sharing, which is the primary reason why I love to write.. It is been a while now given that I first took on freelance writing. I've written numerous article on money management (my favored topic), also as its connection with the powerful consumer-driven world we live in. Numerous readers have voiced their appreciation for the types of contents I produce: the world of credit, loan products, student debt, personal money management, etc. Of course I also enjoy producing entertainment-type materials, but I feel these financial topics are of greater concern. In the minds of numerous consumers these days, saving money is a top concern. It wasn't always this way, however. Mass chaos is what is left of the recent economic recession. In particular, the ones who weren't financially prepared were hit the hardest, for they had little to no idea on how to control the harsh economic impact. The ups and downs of the economy has shown many individuals the genuine importance of financial preparation, but most are still left lingering, unsure of what to do. That's why I enjoy writing so much. It allows me to reach out to those in need and really get down to the core of what must be done. Writing is powerful and utterly effective. For me, it provides every single person the opportunity to extend to the world what they have to offer, regardless how controversial it may be to others. For the human psychological intelligence, there is nothing better (or worse) than writing. Although I know there are nevertheless many things to discover on this journey I've taken on, I know I've learned a lot over these years. I anticipate a lot more learning and sharing with my future readers and spectators.