Who I Am: 
I've been writing and publishing for more than 30 years. I've published short stories and articles, for adults, children, and middle-graders. I've published in a variety of genres, including: mysteries, religious, confessions, mens, womens, juvenile, YA, and stories with a horse or hard rock slant. Some of my previously published short stories are available on the "short story" page of my website: www.writeroffthelake.com. I also have pages dedicated to information for writers, movie script treatments, novel synopsizes, and my infamous "Screaming the FISH Cheer" monthly rant.
What I'm Listening To: 

The only radio I have is in my vehicle, and it's not running. My stereo can't be used until I get new speaker wires, so I'm limited to what I've put onto my computer. I have some Blues, a lot of Joan Baez and Judy Collins, some 50's rock and roll (especially Chuck Berry), but most of it is Skynyrd or late Sixites "acid" hard rock, like Jefferson Airplane (whom I still LOVE), Hendrix, Country Joe & the Fish, Steppenwolf. I've also been going to You Tube to listen to Peter, Paul & Mary, Donovan classics, and, from the Big Band era, some Mills Brothers.

What I'm Watching: 

I don't have cable and we can't draw in stations with antenna's where I live, so...Jay Leno's opening Tonight Show monologue that I can view online, and, if full episodes of the new HOUSE season will be available online, I'll be watching that, too. If JEOPARDY is available online, I'd be watching. I'm a JEOPARDY addict and miss it.

What I'm Reading: 

I'm a writer, so too much to list, but I especially enjoy good suspense novels, middle-grade mysteries, YA novels, literary novels...all sorts of fiction. The non-fiction I read is also as varied as the novels I liked. I enjoy learning about new subjects, as well as horse related non-fiction, computer related non-fiction, and new knowledge on creative visualization.