Time to Vote

Our Douchebag Decree can be such a double-edged sword. On one hand, harnessing the vitriol of some of the folks we profile and funneling that energy into a Decree can be soothing and incredibly satisfying. On the other hand, actually choosing our weekly winner means trudging through the muckiest muck. 

Thanks to the notoriety of this season's douchebags (or maybe just thanks to the idea that this could get really, really fun), we're asking readers to join in and declare an official Fall Seasonal Douchebag: Andrew Goldman, the Reddit defenders, a disgusting Facebook page, or Ann Coulter or (but really, and) Richard Mourdock?

You won't have to worry about the electoral college devaluing your vote at Bitch Media, even if you do live in Vermont, Oregon, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Maine, or any state that doesn't start with an "O" and end with "hio."

So what do you say? It's fast, easy, and who doesn't want to know who will rise to the top (or sink to the bottom...)?  Voting ends promptly at 6PM PST on October 31, so cast your vote today!

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