BitchTapes: Blood, Sweat, and Queers

Blood, Sweat, and Queers from BitchTapes on 8tracks. I have now been here for exactly a month, and we're... Read more »

BitchTapes: Some Songs About Water

Water! It's pretty important and beautiful and easy to use as a metaphor, so it turns out there are a lot of great songs about it. This mix features songs from Rae Spoon, Your Heart Breaks, Kimya Dawson, and Mos Def. Enjoy! ... Read more »

BitchTapes: Girls Rock Summer Camp

Girls Rock Camp summer showcase season is back! Since 2001 in Portland, OR, Girls Rock Camps have been empowering girls and women through music creation in cities and towns across North America and Europe, with a total of 37 camps in the international GRC network, Girls Rock Camp Alliance. GRC... Read more »

BitchTapes: Forward!

Forward! from BitchTapes on 8tracks. The word "forward" keeps popping up in my sphere. Wisconsinites wielded it during their recent recall election (it's their state... Read more »

BitchTapes: Give Me My Sultry Summer

Give Me My Sultry Summer from BitchTapes on 8tracks. I've been here for less than a week, and this Pacific Northwest weather is not quite clicking with... Read more »

BitchTapes: Ten Songs About Patriarchy

Here are ten songs (kinda, sorta) about patriarchy, because, deep down inside, isn't pretty much every song about patriarchy? Read more »

BitchTapes: Tales of the Jazz Age

For me, the 1920s stand out as one of the coolest times to be alive. The music, the parties, the changes in social mores, the fashion, the burgeoning of film and radio. (This is of course, with rose-tinted glasses neglecting the poverty, the subjugation of classes, ethnicities, and women—not to... Read more »

Bitchtapes: Haters Gonna Hate

We've all been there—days when the world is out to get you, negative energy is raining down and you don't have an umbrella, or maybe you decided to read the comments section somewhere on the internet (now why did you go and do that?). The next time the bastards are grinding you down, blare this mix... Read more »

End of Gender: Gender Jams

While you anxiously await the next Against Me! album, here's a genderpocalyptic playlist of songs by trans and gender-nonconforming artists for gender-bending jammin' on every occasion. Read more »

BitchTapes: Heat Wave

Heat Wave from BitchTapes on 8tracks. It's about to get really hot in Texas. Like,... Read more »