BitchTapes: Body-Positive Workout Jams

Sweaty songs that make you feel good about your body. Read more »

BitchTapes: Self-Produced QTPOC Musicians

A mixtape of all queer and trans performers of color makin' DIY music.  Read more »

BitchTapes: Flight Lessons

A mixtape about taking flight, featuring Neko Case, Sia, Regina Spektor, and more.  Read more »

BitchTapes: Female-Fronted Emo Bands

Emo & pop punk 4ever. Read more »

BitchTapes: Summer Lady Folk

This week's mix highlights women who are playing at Pickathon music fest, including Hurray for the Riff Raff, Adia Victoria, and Julia Holter. Read more »

BitchTapes: Time Travel

Synths from the future + more than one ancient song.  Read more »

BitchTapes: You're Endlessly Brave

A mixtape that resonates with being concave with grief and convex with gratitude. Read more »

BitchTapes: Songs for Self-Love

Turn those love songs back around on yourself.  Read more »

BitchTapes: Non-Terrible Songs About America

From Mitski's "Fireworks" to Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans," some American tunes by ladies. Read more »

BitchTapes: Summer Makeouts

A mixtape of music that starts sweet and ends sexy. Read more »